a database of retrotransposon insertion
polymorphisms in humans
Liang Lab


dbRIP was initially developed as a joint effort between Dr. Liang's laboratory previously at Roswell Park Cancer Institute, now at Brock University, and Dr. Mark Batzer's laboratory at Louisiana State University.

People contributed to the initial development and updates incclude Jianxin Wang, Song Lei, Deepak Grover, Brian Ambraham, Wanxiangfu Tang, Jake Kempt, Mark Batzer, and Ping Liang. We also thank all researchers contributed to the identification of all RIPs documented in dbRIP.

This research is supported in part by Canada Research Chair Program Canadian Foundation of Innovation (CFI), Natural Sciences and Engineering Reseach Council (NSERC) of Canada, Ontario Research Fund and Brock University Development Fund and NCI grant CA101515 to Ping Liang.

You can contribute to this database by submitting your new retrotransposon insertion polymorphism data to us. Please contact Dr. Ping Liang by email for data submission.