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SearchdbRIP is designed to provide an enhanced interface for fast and/or advanced RIP queries that may not be available within the genome browser.

Quick Search: Search dbRIP by databaseIDs, by originalIDs or by locations
(e.g. 1001461, Ya5NBC132, chr7, chrY:1-20000, etc.. Multiple IDs/locations should be delimited by commas):

  or upload from file (one ID per line):
in Genome

Advanced Search:  Search dbRIP by specifying the search criteria from below: 
Search by RE position: 


genomic region

Search by source:

insertion identified from genome

from ethnic group   OR NOT from ethnic group

Search by RE Classification: 

data type  (HS-RE data available only for hg19)

HS-RE classes

subfamily  AND

Search by RE frequency: 

polymorphism frequency from to

polymorphism levels  AND


resolution level of  AND

sequence integrity level of  (available only for hg19) AND

associated with disease (type in a disease name or "all" or leave it blank) AND

published by author (last name only, e.g., "Batzer"; case sensitive; can leave it blank)

grouped by Study ID (Study ID can be found here (Multiple Study IDs should be delimited by commas)

insertion supported by studies

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